Calling all sexy gals! This all female, high-energy dance class, incorporating various popular dance movements in the genre of hip hop dance This session will have you twisting, shaking and bringing out the diva within. Find your inner sexy diva with this new and exciting dance class!  All levels of dance are welcome. Street Diva is all about evolving your strength, technique and style through the art of commercial dance.

Warning! All classes feature Fierceness and Passion. Street Diva is all about evolving your strength, technique, and style through the art of commercial dance. All routines and combos are fun, and full of charm, mixing elements of hip-hop styles and jazz influences to create dynamic choreography. With a class like this you have no choice but to let your hair down and go for it! Make sure to join Larissa as she focuses on attack, confidence and sensuality. Come and learn how to inject style and soul into your movement through inspiration from Divas past and present. Street Diva includes warm-up, stretches, isolations, and combinations. Over the term the technique and patterns will become more  complex and intricate to keep your mind working!

When dressing for a Street Diva , think about wearing clothing that allows you to move.  Anything you feel comfortable to move it is great!  Most of our dancers prefer to wear leggings and tank or t-shirt of some kind, and indoor runners are the best shoes to wear.

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