Artistic Director/Founder

 Lucy Hazelwood, wanted to create an environment for Canadian dancers to train, perform and make connections within the entertainment industry. And so, she created LUKI Dance Productoins

Lucy Hazelwood, having danced at the top of her class from ages five to 18 at Audree’s School of Dance & Drama, completed yearly exams up to an Advanced level in B.B.O., I.D.T.A. Ballet, Tap, Modern, Latin and Ballroom, as well as L.A.M.D.A. exams in Speech & Drama.  Lucy received Honors or distinction in each exam and went on to win an assortment of medals and trophies in local competitions for Ballet, Tap and Musical Comedy.  Beyond this, Lucy demonstrated syllabus work at specialized B.B.O. and I.D.T.A. workshops and was a regular at the Dance Exchange Program in Birmingham.

Lucy Hazelwood was first spotted at the age of seven and asked to join Jigsaw, which led her to perform in a dance group three years ahead of their usual starting age.  Through this, she was involved in countless performances often, in front of an audience of thousands.  At eight, Lucy was also performing with local operatic societies, both in Pantomime and Musical Theatre, where she undertook lead roles, not only as a dancer/dance captain, but also as a Principle in many West End musicals.

As part of her education, Lucy Hazelwood studied both G.C.S.E. and A-level dance, where she learned Laban notation, history of dance, analysis as well as anatomy and physiology.  Again, Lucy was known for being top in class in both high school and 6th FormCollege where she was locally recognized in dance and performance.

Since the age of 11, Lucy Hazelwood has been teaching and choreographing in various environments and has been winning awards as such since the age of seven.  She would then go on to win a yearly House Dance Choreography Competition and was blessed to have worked with Gareth Griffiths of The Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Lucy Hazelwood was successful in gaining scholarships to Laban Centre, Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and BirdCollege, which she would go onto to complete her professional training and later receive her degree.  BirdCollege of Performing Arts is an acknowledged centre of excellence for dance and theatre production and Lucy had the sincere pleasure of training under the founder, Doreen Bird, as well as Sue Passmore, while Lucy’s tutors included:

Ballet: Andrew Wilson (Royal Ballet), Lai-Sheung Chan (Hong Kong Royal Ballet), Marlene Pasquet (Royal Ballet), Susan Town (Royal Ballet).
Tap: Nick French, Tracey Lee.
Jazz / Hip Hop: Sue Brice, Geoff Unkovich, David Leighton, Tony Parrie, Thereza Theodoulou and Tracey Lee.
Contemporary: Luisa Figuerola, Joana Simas.
Drama: Luis De Abreu.
Singing: Paul Herbert, Johnathon Leese, Dominic Haslam, Maureen Scott.
Contextual Studies & Music Theory: Nicholas Mojsiejenko, composer to Christopher Bruce’s Ghost Dances.

Lucy Hazelwood has had many guest choreographers choosing to work with her in a variety of performances.  Such guest choreographers include: Michael Thompson, Phyllidia Crowley-Smith, Paul Kasey, Emma Rogers, Gavin Lee and Simon Adkins, all of which are host to brilliant accolades.
Post-graduation from Bird College with a 2:1 in Dance and Theatre Performance, a degree which was validated by Greenwich University, Lucy Hazelwood went on to perform on television in the Top of the Pops Christmas Special (2004).  She was then successful in her audition for the Jean Ann Ryan Production Company of Florida and while with the company, Lucy performed at the South Florida Carbonell Awards.
Lucy Hazelwood went on to complete two contracts with the Jean Ann Ryan Production Company as Dance Captain while onboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. The shows included a mix of styles and techniques including a Jazz/Fosse show, Country show, and a Cirque show as well as Openers of 42nd Street and Foot Loose.

Since arriving in the Okanagan, Lucy Hazelwood has continued to not only perform but teach and choreograph for local competitions and dance performances.  She is enthusiastic and dedicated to sharing her discipline that she has acquired throughout her career as a student, as a teacher and as a working artist.  LUKI Dance Productions was created in 2011 with the view to creating a working professional company in the Okanagan. Lucy strives to create performance opportunities, whilst providing ongoing professional training. LUKI Dance Productions is not just about one person, it’s about bringing together a community.