What do a computer programmer, grade-school teacher, lawyer, university student, stay-at-home mom, concert pianist and graphic designer all have in common? There is a very vital, perhaps hidden, center of aliveness, self-expression and sensuality in each one of them. For the sassy and sensual side of every woman, Army Of Sass is designed to create a safe and loving atmosphere for women to learn how to come into their own confident way of movement. Come and laugh, have fun, and most importantly, come to know your own value in being a beautiful and confident woman. 
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Army Of Sass Performance & Training Group is a heels based dance program in Canada for women of all levels from beginner to professional. It is a chance to gain confidence and strength while working on improving dance skills in the sexy and sassy heels style.
At the end of every 10 week session, the women of Army Of Sass have the chance to show off their hard work in the larger than life term end performance! 

It is a chance to gain confidence and physical strength while working on improving your dance skills in the sassy HEELS style.  There are 3 separate 10-week courses per year: Winter, Spring & Fall.  When registered, you get 2 hours/week with one of our Sergeants of Sass (AOS teachers) in the appropriate level:

The first hour is dedicated to DRILLS!  That’s right you’ll be learning how to execute all of the moves you will later perform. The second hour is dedicated to choreography that you will later perform in one of our different themed AOS term-end productions starring of course… the ladies of AOS!

We, as women, are all kindred spirits, and we are all on a continuum – single, married, thin, full-figured, with children and without, career-driven or on another path in life. No matter what our walk in life, feeling alive, self-expressed and sexy is something every women deserves. Join us, as we leave no good women behind.

For more information visit the Army Of Sass Website.